Skate boarding

Skateboarding is a very complicated, and can take many many many years of practice to go into a bowl*, and be able to turn. I love skateboarding, and i’m not so good because  I have only been skateboarding for about four days. I am especially bad at kick flips*, and turning in a bowl. I am not the best at ollies* too. You have to be very good at balance too because you have nothing to hold onto so if you lean one way you could fall right off the board. I have never tried grinding also. skateboarding may look impossible or at least very very hard. in a bowl* you have to lean side to side to turn the corners. There are professionals who have been doing it for at least seven years, and beginners who just started. So if you just started don’t jump to what the professionals do. Always start with the beginners stuff.

bowl – a big cement thing that looks like a bowl without a handle

kick flips – where you jump and flip the board

ollies – when you lift the front of the board up and than bring it back down




My friend thinks that aliens are real. I think that aliens are real too. There are lots of real sightings, but I have seen lots of more fake ones. People think that ones that are obviously fake are real, but since they think that in the future when they share their information people are going to laugh and call you names because you chose the most ridiculous and fake information in the history of whatever your subject is. Lots of people think that aliens are a huge myth. But there are actual sightings of flying U.F.Os. Kepler is a planet that people believe aliens live on. Kepler is a planet a little less than 2 x as big as the planet earth. NASA is trying to  fly to Kepler to see what lives there and what it is like to be on Kepler. Kepler is alike earth, and is the same distance away from the sun. Nobody knows how Kepler was formed. There are multiple Kepler planets.

nasa kepler mission discovers bigger older cousin to earth



The Chalk Writing


Yesterday we went outside on the sidewalk all the way to bus sixteen. It was very tiring because it was about ninety six degrees. I worked with three of my friends named Pedro, Thomas, and Garrett. It was still very fun even though is was super duper hot. But we had two teachers so when we where moving down and the other end the other teacher went down with most of the class.





On saturday I went to a winter hawks game. It was a special event called the teddy bear toss. It is where when the winter hawks score there first goal people chuck teddy bears onto the ice, or at lest try to and throw it into the crowd.  Last year it took them like an hour to clean up the stuffed animals. But this year it took them about twenty minutes to pick up the stuffed animals. So as you can see there is an improvement on time. the winter hawks lost the game 3-2. We were very sad but it was a lot of fun. When we got home we went to bed.

Are Ghosts Real? Or Are They Just A Myth?

My friend says that he thinks that ghosts are real. From what I heard it sounds like ghosts are real. But most people think that ghosts are a myth. some sights say that there are enough proof that ghosts are real that most people do believe in ghosts. here is the link that I found.

Did you know that ghosts are actually visible. Visible means that you can see them/ it. Ghosts like places where its dark with some light. They look like lightly drawn people with white colored pencil.


The Cooper And Chloe Birthday Party

Every Summer we have a Cooper & Chloe birthday party. And yes it is only a birthday party for me and my sister. We would try to invite most of our family members to the party. we traditionally celebrate the first weekend of summer break. My favorite parts are eating the cake & opening presents with my cousins.


IMG_0926 IMG_0920

Scribbles Turn Into Art

Photo on 2015-06-16 at 09.11

About a year ago I made this with scribbling and then I colored the spots in.             It took me about three days to make this. If you try to make this just to warn you it might take a while. You can make them any size, way, or even draw something around it then color it in. All you need is paper and all the colored markers you  want.


Will you try doing this project?
Do you like art or graffiti?

The Beautiful Columbia River Gorge!



Today I went to        the Columbia Gorge.            We went there to go hiking,  but we also saw some                waterfalls. When we went  hiking I collected some rocks.  When I was at the waterfall I  saw a piece of obsidian.            But when I got into the car I noticed I didn’t have it. So I was so bummed. Before we started hiking, I was scared but it was super fun. The name of it is Elowah Falls. Overall I think it was super fun doing all of that stuff. But very tiring going over about maybe #6 rows of switchbacks and going up.


image Then we went to the  Horestail Waterfall.                  But we did not hike                    there witch I really wanted  to because we just went  hiking. It is called Horestail  Falls because it looks like a  horse’s tail.                                    And when we were driving      there was a biker ahead of us. There also was a motorcyclist and a three wheeled motorcyclist which was very cool to see. I have never seen a three wheeled motorcyclist. But the Biker was really getting on my nerves because when we where stopped it passed all of us and the car behind it was not passing it at all which was not helping us move at all.









Will you go to the Columbia  Gorge?

Are you going to travel in the Summer?

Paintball Birthday Party

For my friend Jace’s birthday party we did paintball. Paintball is a very complicated and tiring sport. Sometimes if people have really good aim they can hit you in the mask. I got hit in the mask three times. It is right behind Athey Creek. My mom works at Athey Creek witch is right next to Stafford Elementary. You have a huge gun and you can get grenade for #10 dollars. You can get a grenade that shoots out smoke on one side or both. The smoke tastes very very bad. There where four places. one was a crate, one the other was a big blow up thing, then there was a castle one, and for the last one there was a building one. At first I was really scared but then I was super scared.




Summer is a time where it is usually very hot. Some people usually go on trips or go to friends or family members. For me my sister has her birthday in Summer. Last Summer my sister had a birthday party. But this summer I don’t really know what i’m going to do I don’t know if  i’m  going to travel, or hike. But I definitely know that I am going to go swimming at my grandpas out door swimming pool. His pool goes all the way down to seven feet deep! I also have a blow up swimming pool that is only about up to 1-2 feet deep. My cousins also have a swimming pool about up to 4-5 feet deep. At first it is freezing cold. Under my paragraph are three summer videos. I hope you have a great summer!





IMG_1194IMG_2863 IMG_3403


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